Women’s 40+ Wellness Yoga Workshop

A mini self-care retreat to bring balance and calm to your perimenopause journey…


SPECIAL EVENT: Friday 20th May 12:30 – 15:30   BOOK HERE


Perimenopause can be a particularly challenging time in life for some women. But you are not alone!

Accredited Menopause Yoga teachers, Frankie Arpino and Sheila Armstrong, have lovingly curated a relaxing afternoon of wellness for women in their 40s and beyond.

Join us for a three-hour workshop of nurturing yoga practice, nutrition and lifestyle advice to support your mind, body and soul.

All of this wonderfulness is included:


  • Mini retreat for self-care and connection with other women on their perimenopause journey
  • Perimenopause facts and symptoms
  • Breathwork and yoga flow practice
  • Nutrition and supplement advice
  • Restorative yoga practice
  • Self-reflection and moving forward
  • Refreshments
  • Goody bags and handouts for all participants


The aim of yoga for perimenopause is to help women transition positively to the next stage in life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The yoga practice includes specially adapted yoga sequences and poses, along with pranayama (breathing) techniques and meditation, to help support perimenopause symptoms and help you feel grounded, supported and safe.

What is perimenopause?


Perimenopause is a natural life event, starting for most women in their early 40’s. It’s a time that can often be fraught with hormonal havoc as our bodies transition towards menopause. This can have a dramatic impact on our careers, relationships, social life and most importantly our health.

If you’re in your 40’s and you’re suffering from some (or all) of the following top 10 symptoms, you’re likely in perimenopause:

  1. Weight gain (especially around the middle)
  2. Tired all the time
  3. Stress and anxiety
  4. Mood swings
  5. Memory loss and brain fog
  6. PMS or period chaos
  7. Low sex drive
  8. Hot flushes and night sweats
  9. Hair, skin and nail issues
  10. Insomnia

If you identify with any of these symptoms, it’s not you – it’s your hormones! One of the most important things is to recognise it and know you are NOT ALONE.

Making time for self-care is vital during perimenopause. So press pause on your busy life and treat yourself to this special wellness workshop.


We have limited spaces, so early booking is essential!


Women’s 40+ Wellness Yoga Workshop

Friday 20th May 12:30 – 15:30

£50pp. BOOK HERE


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