Bhuti Wellbeing @ LiveWell

An exciting partnership brings Yoga & Pilates by Bhuti to our Centre…


LiveWell is delighted to now run weekly classes with the experts from Bhuti in Richmond!

Bringing Yoga and Pilates to our community in an accessible and affordable way, to help you destress your body and mind.

In our relaxed, comfortable environment, these sessions are suitable for you even if you’ve never stepped foot in a yoga studio before!

And the benefits are bountiful:

  • deep breathing opens up the lungs, nourishes all your organs
  • boosts your mood, brings calm and balance
  • improves circulation
  • cuts stress
  • strength and flexibility
  • can aid weight loss
  • soothes anxiety
  • good for digestion system
  • improves bone density – avoid osteoporosis
  • relieves trauma


‘Meaning ‘wellbeing’ in Sanskrit, Bhuti offers a place to come home. A holistic, wholebeing approach to mental, spiritual and physical health,’ says Bhuti founder and teacher Samantha.


Each class is less than half price at just £12. Which one will you try?

Yoga for Healthy Ageing

We often think of Yoga as stepping onto a mat and putting our body into shapes, known as Asanas, but that is just one layer.

Yoga, which means to join/to make whole, has many different layers that, when in harmony, bring about wholeness: diet, relaxation, breathing, exercise, positive thinking and meditation.

The class will explore these layers and how to embrace the changes brought about by the passage of time.

Expect 45 mins of Asana practice, maintaining and developing your strength, balance and suppleness, plus breath work for better energy, and to discover the importance of quiet time.


Slow Flow & Yin Yoga

This class combines classical Hatha flowing postures with Restorative & Yin yoga, creating a nourishing balance for body, heart & mind.

Slow flow is a flowing practice at a pace which allows for greater focus on alignment, breath and precision of movement – allowing you to move in a more mindful way with greater awareness. A true moving meditation. The quiet, reflective Yin & Restorative postures will help relax the muscles, tissues, organs and nervous system, encouraging a release of deeply held tension while replenishing energy. Open to all levels.



This is a mat work, mixed ability class that will offer options to suit different abilities.

The session will focus on strengthening the core, increased spine mobility, improved circulation, flexibility, breathing, posture and body awareness. All levels welcome.


Mats and blocks are provided. Just wear something comfortable you can move in.

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